GSD is the abbreviation of Group Studio Design. It was established in 1995 as a group of several design studios with respective specialisations working together with like-minded passion.

GSD’s architect portfolio is broad-based and includes hotels, commercial developments, clubhouses and educational facilities. Their notable projects include Jade Hills Resort Club, Lake Edge Puchong, Tropicana Grande, Tropicana Avenue, The Majestic Hotel, Menara Berkembar Bank Rakyat and 16 Quartz Melawati. GSD has won numerous industry awards since its inception that include 4 PAM Awards, 2 FIABCI Awards, 2 International Property Awards and being shortlisted for the Arcasia Awards 2013-2014.

Formed in 1990, Pentago is a boutique landscape and architectural firm with a flair for bringing intuition into each and every aspect of design.

They are well-known for their signature, modern tropical, ‘inside-out’style, an approach that melds together the realms of the natural landscape with architectural design.

Over the years they have gained international recognition with projects all over Asia, Oceania and the Middle East, and have won numerous awards.

In recent years, Pentago have bagged 2 ILAM design awards and 7 Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards. Notable projects include The Arc Rimbayu; The Airie Damansara; Zenia Park Homes; Desa ParkCity; Impiana Resort, Phuket; and Dai Phuoc Lotus Phase 1, Vietnam and the FIABCI award-winning Gita Bayu development.

SWOT DESIGN GROUP was established in 1995, and the company provides interor design consultancy services and visual communication design for varied type of projects including corporate, retail, hospitality and residential sectors.

SWOT’s previous projects include the Royal Selangor Visitors Centre, Wolo Hotel Penthouses, 338−U−thant and a list of retail store design for the Melium Group, among others.